RPALA Group | PCH Slope stabilization

PCH Slope stabilization

Project: PCH Slope stabilization

Location: San Clemente, CA

RPALA GROUP prepared preliminary design and final working drawings for landscape and irrigation. Additionally, we were involved in the aesthetic design of the retaining wall shotcrete and tieback in support of the Civil Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer and Structural Engineer. The project was very unique with extremely hazardous slope conditions. A natural wall concept was used, with shotcrete retaining walls, gunite caps, terraces, swales and drains. The wall length is 1000 feet and, in some areas, up to 58 feet in height, not including the additional gunite caps. The landscape slope concept includes a native plant solution with a Mediterranean streetscape, which is part of the City’s scenic highway plan.

RPA was instrumental in finding ways to soften the visual effect of the wall. We incorporated elements that allowed the wall to emulate natural slope features, such as a gunite system that made the wall appear realistic, and dealt with adjustments in the tieback retaining wall panels, bringing visual relief to the wall. We assisted the City in processing the final landscape drawings through the California Coastal Commission and Caltrans.