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Talbot Residence

Project: Talbot Residence

Location: Newport Beach, CA

This Spanish / Colonial residence has a strong Southwest influence in the use of stone walls, structures, paving materials, pots, etc. The project is part of the Newport Coast Planned Community. Our scope of work included processing with The Irvine Company and adherence to their Design Guidelines. Part of the concept for landscape architecture was to include stone and decomposed granite within pathways, as well as Hydrozones and plant communities in relationship to the aesthetics and usage of the house. The central core of the house incorporates a small courtyard with an outdoor fireplace and a small formal fountain. Other design considerations were for an herb and vegetable garden, storage areas, potting shelves, barbecue area, and a seating veranda with views overlooking the ocean side of the property. At the streetscape, grapevines are used on a wire and steel espalier with pilaster supports.