Quality of Life Facility

Location: MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, California
Architect: PGAL
Client: NAVFAC / United States Marine Corps

The 29 Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Facility is a 140 million housing for 1,500 marines, dining hall and parking structure. The landscape architectural elements of this project focuses on sustainability (project is 90% sustainable). The facility successfully integrates pedestrian, vehicular, and emergency vehicle circulation. The overall campus like design concept is based on the creation of spaces that promote ease of security and low maintenance, safety, and appropriate use by Marines and staff. The design has a central unifying pedestrian walk system. The arrangement of spaces balances passive and active recreation by pairing like uses.

Active uses are located near each other to encourage group functions and camaraderie. These include ninja warrior training course, basketball courts, volleyball (both with bench seating), batting cages, and a running track with exercise stations. An outdoor 500 seat amphitheatre with shade structure is in conjunction with a double set of basketball courts. Passive activities are located together to provide an opportunity for users to engage in less programmed pastimes. Gathering areas with seating, shade, and outdoor cooking equipment are provided throughout passive areas. Walkways are with integral color with enhanced paving is included at key focal nodes, building entries and gathering areas. Also, some walkways are covered by shade structures. ADA accessibility is through out the site. The landscape integrates drainage swales (acting visually as dry streams), basins, and slopes to facilitate retention and filtration of on-site water and minimize erosion. Also, a grey water irrigation system with use of facility shower were provided for 100% of the irrigation requirements.