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Main Street Irvine

Project: Main Street Irvine

Location: Irvine, CA

Main Street is one of the premier streets in the City of Irvine, and is the gateway to the Irvine Business Complex. It is composed of a diverse layering of high rise multi-tenant offices, R&D facilities, and commercial businesses. The scope of our work was in response to the widening of Main Street, between San Diego Creek and Sunflower Avenue (approximately 1.5 miles of street frontage). Our work included median and parkway areas within the ultimate right-of-way and immediate on-site landscape areas that were affected during the street widening.

Special design consideration was needed, as some of the parkways had insufficient width to accommodate all elements of the streetscape plan. The planting palette included the use of mature Palm trees in a formal planting concept, as well as other specially considered tree types in the airport landing zones. The irrigation system was designed to use reclaimed water and has a computerized controller that ties into the City’s master control system.