RPALA Group | The House of the Butterfly

The House of the Butterfly

Project: The House of the Butterfly

Location: Beverly Hills, CA

Museum quality standards were implemented in the design and construction of this sixteenth century style, Ming Dynasty, Chinese home. Paving stones, designed in the Imperial pattern, were imported from China. These are used throughout the site to pave walkways and courtyards interspersed between ponds, streams, rockeries, and a pool. A zigzag bridge provides passage over the side yard water features. Tai-Hu rocks were used to create the rockeries and focal areas of vertical monoliths. Forty-five trees, averaging nine-foot square container size, were installed to create a mature garden.

Historical imagery was paramount to the success of this project. Our research included a tour of the Shanghai, Suzhow, Hanghou, and Beijing gardens of Mainland China. References to the historical gardening book by Ji Cheng and the Garden of Wang Shi Yuan (Master of the Fishing Nets) were especially prominent in the garden design.